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Genotronics Philips Authorized
India , Mumbai , Maharashtra
  • Stroboscope
  • Microscope
  • Sleep Lab
  • Bronchoscope
Care BioMedical
India , Mumbai , Maharashtra
  • Oxygen Cylinder
  • Sleep Lab
  • Defibrillator Monitor
  • Syringe Pump
Advance Electronic Industries
India , Mumbai , Maharashtra
  • Sleep Lab
Arena Medical Care Private Limited
India , New Delhi , Delhi
  • Sleep Lab
  • Neurostimulator Implantable
  • EMG Machine
Basil Healthcare
India , Kolkata , West Bengal
  • Sleep Lab
 Nova Medical Systems
India , Pune , Maharashtra
  • Phototherapy Unit
  • Infant Radiant Warmer
  • Sleep Lab
  • Humidifier
Cyrix Healthcare Private Limited
India , Kochi , Kerala
  • Echo Colour Doppler
  • Ultrasound Therapy Unit
  • Sonography Machine
  • Ultrasound
Visakha Healthcare India Private Limited
India , Visakhapatnam , Andhra Pradesh
  • Surgical Instrument
  • Phototherapy Unit
  • Sleep Lab
  • BiPAP Machine
Sleep Blizz
India , Bengaluru , Karnataka
  • Sleep Lab

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 polysomnography, also called a slumber reading, is a wide-ranging examination used to identify slumber complaints. Polysomnography annals a patient's brain waves, the oxygen level in his blood, heart ratio, and inhalation, as well as eye and leg actions during the study. Polysomnography may be completed at a Sleep Lab unit inside a hospice or at a slumber center. While it's naturally done at night, polysomnography is infrequently completed through the day to acclimatize shift employees who usually slumber during the day. In addition to facilitating identify sleep complaints, polysomnography may be used to help commence or regulate your treatment plan if you've already been detected with a slumber complaint. There are dissimilar kinds of household sleep apnea examination expedients using diverse groupings of devices. They usually note your inhalation rate and airflow, as well as oxygen intensities and heart degree. One panache also includes information on blood vessel tone.

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