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The closed transport trolleys are totally made of stainless steel 304 as an alternative to aluminum which can be done due to the sole structure which these trolleys have. The trolley will be very dainty which makes them informal to the carriage. The closed transport trolleys contain one section. They are armed with hard shelves which are normally adaptable in height. Also, it is also conceivable to stock substances on the lowest of the trolleys. The trolleys can be fortified with one or two entrances. Two inducing bars are positioned in a perpendicular location on both smaller flanks of the trolleys, which makes it conceivable to open the entrances over 270°. By placing the inducing bars like this, everyone can use the trolleys, no matter how lanky or short they are. The doors are lockable to stop unsanctioned people from opening the trolleys. Hospital Product Directory Provides a list of closed transport trolley dealers and suppliers in India.

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