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Ultragel Hungary 2000 Ltd
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  • ECG Patient Cable
Shanghai Yuechen Medical Supply Co.,Ltd.
  • ECG Electrodes
  • ECG Consumable
Neotech Products LLC
  • CPAP Nasal Oxygen Cannula
  • Hospital Disposable
  • ECG Electrodes
  • Incubator
Baisheng Medical Co. Ltd.
  • Electrocautery Machine
  • Disposable Cautery Pads
  • Bipolar Forceps
  • Artery Forcep

ECG Electrodes Providers in India

Electrodes (minor, plastic covers that fix to the skin) are located at definite sites on the torso, arms, and legs. The electrodes supplied by ECG Electrodes Providers are linked to an ECG apparatus by lead cords. The electrical activity of the heart is then gagged, understood, and produced out. No power is sent into the form. Two kinds of electrodes supplied by ECG Electrodes Providers are in shared use. They are a level paper-thin label and a self-adhesive round pad. The first is characteristically used in a solitary ECG record while the latter is for incessant footage as they stick lengthier. Hospital Product Directory Provides a list of ECG Electrodes Providers and suppliers in India.

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