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Shree Hospital Equipment
India , Kolhapur , Maharashtra
  • Hospital Bed
  • ICU Bed
  • OT Light
  • OT Table
Medenso Medicaid
India , All cities , All states
  • OT Table
  • ECG Machine
  • Syringe Pump
  • Fetal Monitor
Medzee Medical Systems
India , New Delhi , Delhi
  • Colposcopy Machine
  • Diode Laser
  • Surgical Microscope
  • Slit Lamp
Phoenix Dental And Medical Private Limited
India , Ahmedabad , Gujarat
  • Dental Chair
  • Hospital Bed
  • Sterilizer
  • Air Compressor
Carevel Medical Systems Pvt Ltd
India , Ghaziabad , Uttar Pradesh
  • Examination Table
  • Hospital Bed
  • Infant Radiant Warmer
  • Crash Cart
S S Technomed Private Limited
India , Ghaziabad , Uttar Pradesh
  • Incubator
  • Infant Radiant Warmer
  • Hospital Bed
  • Instrument Racks
Trichur Surgicals
India , Kochi , Kerala
  • Hospital Bed
  • Delivery Bed
  • Hospital Bedside Locker
  • Surgical Light Sources
Carevel Medical Furniture & Hospitals Equipment
India , Ghaziabad , Uttar Pradesh
  • Hospital Bed
  • Phototherapy Unit
  • Delivery Bed
  • Crash Cart
Sushruta Surgicals Pvt Ltd
India , Bhubaneswar , Odisha
  • Surgical Diathermy
  • Operating Laparoscope
  • Endoscope
  • Ventilator
Gita Mediquip  Pvt. Ltd
India , All cities , Gujarat
  • Stretcher
  • Hospital Bed
  • Examination Table
  • Wheelchair

Hospital Bed Manufacturers, Suppliers, & Dealers

A hospital bed is a cot particularly intended for hospitalized patients by Hospital Bed Manufacturers or others in the necessity of some system of healthiness care. These cots have singular qualities both for the ease and welfare of the patient and for the expediency of health care employees. Shared qualities comprise adaptable stature for the complete bed, the skull, and the feet, adaptable sidebars, and electric keys to function both the cot and other adjacent electric plans. Infirmary beds and other comparable kinds of beds such as tending care beds are used not only in infirmaries, but in other fitness care amenities and locations, such as nursing homes, aided living amenities, outpatient health centers, and home-based fitness care. While the phrase "infirmary bed" can denote the definite bed, the phrase "bed" is also used to define the quantity of space in a health care facility, as the size for the number of patients at the service is calculated in obtainable "beds."

The hospital product directory is the perfect repository to locate the top Hospital Bed Suppliers in the country. We offer our range of services in a span of geographies that include India, the Middle East, UAE, Europe, Africa, Russia, China, and internationally. Our services are designed and calculated to meet the needs of all kinds of buyers looking for Hospital Bed Dealers, whether it is a big or small hospital, a nursing home, or a medical college. In a nation that is sprinkled with large numbers of Hospital Bed Dealers, manufacturers, and suppliers, it has become imperative for the seller to list his products on a directory that engages the buyers.

Buy Hospital Bed at wholesale price online for hospitals, clinics, homes etc.:

At our online Hospital Product Directory, you'll find a large selection of hospital beds for a reasonable price from our verified suppliers and dealers. Our suppliers carry every type of bed that has to do with hospitals including simple hospital beds, ICU beds, electrical bed, semi electric bed, fowler bed and more!

How many types of hospital beds are there?

A hospital bed must be durable enough to withstand lots of use, especially from patients who are sick and/ or disabled. It should be comfortable but also sterile and easy to clean so that it won't get as contaminated as easily during a patient's long stay in the hospital. There are different types of hospital beds that are used for different purposes; for example:

Types of beds in hospital:-

1) Fully automatic electric bed :- With these beds, you can adjust height as well as head and foot placement by pushing a button or using a hand remote. In hospitals, these types of beds are used for patients who are on a ventilator or healing from serious surgery. Electric hospital beds prices or ventilator bed prices range from 1 lakh to 2 lakh.

2) Semi electric hospital beds :- With these beds, the head and foot controls are both electric, but the height can also be adjusted manually.

3) Manual hospital beds :- It is a hand-operated bed that comes equipped with a crank beneath the bed. These beds are not powered by electricity, are very cost-effective, and are very easy to maintain. Prices for these types of hospital beds range from 25K to 90K.

Please contact us directly with the specific requirements you wish to purchase from our verified suppliers so that our team can assist you.

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FAQs about Hospital Bed

The price of Hospital Beds is directly related to the types such as ICU beds, general patient beds, etc., specifications, and features of the bed. It also depends on the brand you want to buy. Normally, the price of Hospital Beds in India ranges between INR 8000 to INR 2 lakh. We're dealing with all types of Hospital bed Manufacturers, Suppliers & Dealers for hospitals such as general patient beds, cardiac beds, manual hospital beds, electric beds, etc. You can buy your Hospital Beds with verified vendors at Hospitalproductdirectory.com online.

A hospital bed is an important part of any hospital and especially so in the Intensive Care Unit, where it is a must. Medical beds are increasingly being used by people with disabilities and the elderly at home as well. If you are looking for such medical beds Hospital Product Directory will help you find the best one for you.

Best Hospital Beds including all types of beds such as ICU beds, fully and semi electric bed, manual hospital bed etc. in hospital in INDIA in May, 2022:-

Sigma fully electric ICU bed with knee & back elevation
ACME Plain Hospital Bed
ACME Pediatric Hospital Bed
Surgix Semi fowler bed with mattress, High-low, TB/RTB Positions
Sigma Fowler Bed Manual Super Royal
ACME Semi Fowler Bed with Side Rails(Collapsible)
ACME Electric Semi Fowler Bed

The most common way to buy Hospital Beds is online. Hospital Product Directory offers different top branded hospital beds and can make sure you have just the right product for your needs. Our highly trained sales team will discuss your concerns with you and can provide you with the best Hospital Beds.