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Hospital Bed Manufacturers, Suppliers, & Dealers In India

What is a Hospital Bed?

A hospital bed is a kind of bed that is specifically intended for use in healthcare facilities, including hospitals, clinics, and nursing homes. Hospital beds built by Hospital Bed Manufacturers are intended to deliver support, ease, and safety to patients with various medical disorders. They come in different kinds and designs, depending on the exact needs of the patient. The beds are built with the best materials and the top technology to ensure strength and reliability. Hospital Bed Manufacturers build their beds in such a way that they meet the particular requirements of the healthcare amenities. Their beds are meant to offer the comfort of use for both patients and caregivers, permitting smooth and continuous patient care. Our services are designed and calculated to meet the needs of all kinds of buyers looking for Hospital Bed Dealers, as well as Hospital Furniture, ICU Beds and Hospital Software, whether it is a big or small hospital, a nursing home, or a medical college. In a nation that is sprinkled with large numbers of Hospital Bed Dealers, Hospital Bed Manufacturers, and Hospital Bed Suppliers, it has become imperative for the seller to list his products on a directory that engages the buyers.

What are the kinds of Hospital beds?

There are numerous kinds of hospital beds obtainable in the market with Hospital Bed Suppliers, including:

Manual Hospital Beds:  Manual hospital beds are physically adjustable and work using a crank. They are a profitable option and are appropriate for patients who do not need recurrent adjustments.

Electric Hospital Beds: Electric hospital beds are driven by electricity and can be easily attuned with the touch of a button. They are a more fitting option and are appropriate for patients who require frequent adjustments.

Low Hospital Beds: Low hospital beds are intended to be close to the ground, making it calmer for patients to get in and out of bed securely. They are often used for patients who are in danger of dropping or have flexibility issues.

ICU Beds: ICU beds are particularly intended for use in intensive care units. They have cutting-edge features such as remote-controlled height alteration, Trendelenburg and reverse Trendelenburg placing and a fixed scale for weighing patients

Pediatric Beds: Paediatric beds are intended for kids and infants. They come in diverse sizes and plans and are often adorned with bright colors and animated characters to make them more attractive to children.

What are the security characteristics of the Hospital Bed?

Hospital beds are planned with a wide array of security attributes to safeguard the security and well-being of patients. Here are some of the shared security attributes found in hospital beds:

Side Rails: Hospital beds often originate with side rails that can be raised to stop patients from falling out of bed. These rails can be effortlessly attuned and locked into place, providing additional safety for patients.

Bed Height Adjustment: Hospital beds can be accustomed to different heights, making it calmer for patients to get in and out of bed securely. This attribute also supports caregivers to deliver better care and support to patients.

Brake System:Hospital beds are armed with a brake system that stops the bed from moving when it is not in use. This attribute safeguards that the bed remains stable and secure, stopping accidents and injuries.

CPR Release: Hospital beds are armed with a CPR release mechanism that permits the head of the bed to be lowered rapidly in case of an emergency. This feature is vital for emergency medical personnel to complete life-saving procedures.

How much hospital bed cost?

The cost of the hospital bed is directly proportional to the type of bed, i.e., specifications and features of the bed. The manufacturers, dealers and suppliers have different rates that vary from Rs 8000/- to Rs 200,000/-. All the manufacturers, dealers and suppliers from India are listed in the Hospital Product Directory.

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Our registered hospital bed suppliers and manufacturers are well-known for their high-quality goods, superior workmanship, and customer service. They use the latest technology and apparatus to manufacture hospital beds that are tough, contented, and safe for patients. Whether you require a single bed or wholesale orders, our directory has got you shielded.

At Hospital Product Directory, we are dedicated to providing our customers with the highest level of service and quality products. We are repeatedly revolutionizing and refining our products and amenities to meet the ever-evolving needs of healthcare amenities. We trust that our devotion to quality and service sets us apart from our competitors, and we are assured that our hospital beds and accessories will exceed your expectations. If you are looking for first-class hospital beds or fittings, look no further than the Hospital Product Directory. Our comprehensive directory safeguards that you find the right products and services to meet your specific requirements.

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