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Hospital Project Consultants In India

Hospital Product Directory provides a list of high-quality hospital project consulting services for hospitals in India. Our certified vendors consist of experienced professionals who have worked in various hospitals across India.

We strive to always have our goals aligned with those of our clients. In doing so, we provide them with the valuable insights they need to help them build their dream hospital. By having a clear understanding of what they want, Our certified vendors can assist them in making informed decisions that will help bring their dreams to life.

Hospital Product Directory gives you a helping hand by providing a list of the best hospital project and management consulting firms that offer turnkey hospital services. It's one of the few organizations that design and build high-quality projects for their client's benefit.

The services range from techno-commercial Feasibility Studies, architectural designing & Planning, civil construction & interior execution works, supply, and installations of Modular OT & Medical Gas Pipeline systems, medical equipment planning & Procurement assistance, management commissioning, branding & Marketing, and much more in line to launch the hospital.


  • Healthcare facilities and technology planning
  • Healthcare technology testing and commissioning

  • Turn key hospitals project management and supervision

  • Tendering and procurement of medical equipment packages

  • Contracting, installation, and commissioning of the Medical Equipment Packages

  • Infrastructure planning and functional planning aspects 


A sustainable hospital development needs a comprehensive and interdisciplinary approach that incorporates architects, functional experts, medical and building engineers, as well as maintenance experts. This is where AME comes in with its flexible planning that takes into consideration future developments and expansions.


At the start of our service, we create a generic medical equipment schedule. Then, we create a procurement schedule to help our clients/owners understand when they need to place their orders. To do this, we set up pre-qualification presentations with vendors and create a report on new and updated equipment. This report includes information on the future aspects and usability of the equipment as well as other specifications. 


Shortlisted vendors will provide you with a department-wise equipment list and specifications, from which you can generate techno-commercial comparatives. If desired, demonstrations for medical users can also be arranged at this stage.


Offer installation and commissioning assistance for medical equipment so that everything is set up prior to use. Our pre-installation checks and coordination with vendors guarantees that the equipment is properly installed and functioning correctly.

We know how important it is for you to find a reliable organization to develop your state-of-the-art healthcare facility while still maintaining all standard medical guidelines and aesthetics. We're happy to take on this responsibility for you and provide you with the best possible hospital project consulting service in India.

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