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Ecotech chute pvt ltd
India , , Maharashtra
  • Linen Chute
Horizon Chutes Pvt. Ltd.
India , Pune , Maharashtra
  • Linen Chute
Hammer Frost Corporation
India , New Delhi , Delhi
  • Linen Chute
Green planet solution
India , Pune , Maharashtra
  • Linen Chute
Metalkraft Engineering Pvt. Ltd.
India , Greater Noida , Uttar Pradesh
  • Linen Chute
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  • Washer Disinfector

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A channel in the system of a shaft for propelling grubby linen from the ground storerooms of all bases to a dominant home near the washing, from where it can be gathered by the washing staff. Linen chute made by Linen Chute Manufacturers is the most well-organized technique of rapid and frugally placing of grubby linen in multi-storied INN and INFIRMARIES. Linen chute permits the quick and easy gathering of grubby linen from all bases into the washing room. The Linen Chute supplied by the Linen Chute Suppliers saves the price of consuming lifts and also protects the time of cleaning staff. Linen chutes can be connected in any channel reachable from all floors in any business-related or built-up structure.

Find Linen chute openings to achieve any healthcare hub's necessities at the Hospital Product Directory. Many Linen Chute Dealers tender on an agent's knowledge to aid in the purchase procedure. Naturally, shop for the device that is valuable and also ratifies organizations ease. Determine the comprehensive help available with such as unceremonious upkeep and assembling, and regulate properties that can acquaint to come across any medical establishment's necessities. The hospital product directory is the place to visit are looking for Linen chute Dealers, Suppliers, and Manufacturers.

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In multi-story HOTELS and HOSPITALS, the linen chute is the most efficient technique for quickly and cost-effectively disposing of soiled linen. The linen chute collects soiled linen from all floors and transports it to the laundry room quickly and easily. It reduces the cost of operating elevators while also saving time for housekeeping workers.

 With the best latest features & specifications, the Hospital Product Directory listed the trusted & certified Suppliers, Manufacturers & Dealers. You can get the topmost seller list below.

  • Ecotech Chute Pvt Ltd.

  • Horizon Chutes Pvt Ltd.

  • Hammer Frost Corporation

  • Green Planet Solution

  • Metalkraft Engineering Pvt Ltd.

The chutes are custom-made to the customer's specifications, using the highest-quality materials and cutting-edge technology. The chutes are available at a reasonable cost.


  • Dimensional accuracy

  • Installation is simple.

  • Design that is compact

As per market research the average price of Linen Chute is 1Lakh/ piece.