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Nurse Call System Manufacturers, Suppliers & Dealers In India

We offer a complete range of nurse call system dealers in India with Swiss quality for hospitals, clinics, and medical care facilities which have a wireless nurse call system, easy-to-install specifications and it doesn’t need any network or cabling. Our nurse call systems suppliers allow patients to make a call or contact their nurse/nurse’s station easily and enable healthcare professionals to offer impeccable services to them. Whether these systems are installed in a retirement home or a long-term care facility or even a hospital, or residents, they make patients feel safer and more secure. Hospital Product Directory Provides a list of Nurse Call Systems manufacturers, suppliers, and dealers in India.

What Is A Nurse Call System?

Nurse Call Systems facilitates seamless calling and contacting nurses and thus enables healthcare professionals to offer excellent treatment to their patients. Nurse Call systems are highly sophisticated systems that can be installed in hospitals, residents, or old-age homes to provide much-needed safety and security to patients.

What Are The Various Types of Nurse Call Systems?

There are different types of nurse call systems from manufacturers, suppliers, and dealers in India having multiple exciting features to support nurses in offering indispensable services to patients.

What are the various salient features of Nurse Call Systems?

  • Nurse call systems have a range of distinguishing features that include a Wireless nurse call system with easy-to-install and operate instructions.
  • Different corridor displays – this feature enables nurses to get to know the exact happenings and the precise location when looking into the device placed in the corridor and not prevent chaos.
  • Different types of Call buttons include emergency and cardiac buttons
  • Extensive features such as Call forwarding and Call escalation facility expedite and resolve the issues immediately.
  • Call activity logging software is another significant feature that is helpful in retrieving vital information for analyzing call data. It collects information on the number of calls received, information about the caller, and what was the outcome of the call.
  • Exhaustive Reports for each and every event.  
  • Various Apps included that assist nurses to monitor patients on large color touch screens
  • Strict Hygiene is maintained by providing anti-microbial protection
  • Some nurse call system has additional features that include the choice of using LON/LAN configuration.

What is the Price of a Nurse Call System?

Hospital Product Directory has a comprehensive list of manufacturers, suppliers, and dealers in India having nurse call systems of various prices that range from Rs 2000 to Rs 1.2 lakh depending on the features included in the system.

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