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An OPG Machine (Orthopantomagram) is a panoramic skimming dental X-ray of the higher and inferior jaw. It is also occasionally named Orthopantomagraph or by the branded term Panorex. An OPG Machine also validates the amount, location, and development of all the teeth including those that have not yet appeared or exploded through the gum. Hospital Product Directory Provides a list of OPG Unit manufacturers, suppliers & dealers in India.

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FAQs about OPG Machine

The principle of creating a panoramic image with an OPG is as follows: a panoramic X-ray machine is composed of a rotating arm with an X-ray source at one end and a film apparatus (which takes pictures) at the other. The arm is moved around the patient's head to obtain a detailed picture of their mouth and jaw. This is treatable in a short period of time.

The OPG machine is commonly used to treat dental issues. OPGs are also a valuable diagnostic tool for detecting uneven teeth, cysts and infections. A dentist places a small flexible object in your mouth and uses X-rays to examine a specific tooth to determine where and what type of problem the patient is experiencing.

Hospital Product Directory is working with multiple vendors of OPG machines to ensure that our customers get the widest range of OPG Machines online in India and also get the best price in the USA. The cost of an OPG Machine depends on its types as well as your requirements, its cost anywhere between $4500 and $20,000.