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Life Line Medisol Private Limited
India , Delhi , Delhi
  • Scrub Sink
  • Bed Head Panel
  • OT Pendant
  • OT Light
Shree Hospital Equipment
India , Kolhapur , Maharashtra
  • Hospital Bed
  • ICU Bed
  • OT Light
  • OT Table
Meqheart Health Care Pvt ltd
India , Thane , Maharashtra
  • Medical Gas Pipeline System
  • Modular Operation Theatre
  • ICU Bed
  • Oxygen Generator Plant
Edifice Medical System
India , Mumbai , Maharashtra
  • OT Table
  • Hospital Furniture
  • OT Light
  • Fibroscan
Hospi Equips
India , New Delhi , Delhi
  • OT Light
Medenso Medicaid
India , All cities , All states
  • OT Table
  • ECG Machine
  • Syringe Pump
  • Fetal Monitor
Aussin Intensive Care Private Limited
India , All cities , Gujarat
  • Ventilator
  • Patient Monitor
  • Syringe Pump
  • Heart Lung Machine
Vida Life Sciences Private Limited
India , Pune , Maharashtra
  • Scrub Sink
  • Closed Transport Trolley
  • Pass Box
  • Hospital Furniture
Pasumai Medical Solution
India , Chennai , Tamil Nadu
  • CTG Machine
  • OT Light
Merino International
India , New Delhi , Delhi
  • X Ray Viewer
  • Shoe Cover Dispenser
  • Air Purifier
  • Blood And Fluid Warmer

OT Light Manufacturers, Suppliers & Dealers

Our OT Light manufacturers in India offer you a complete range of products encompassing single dome ceiling-mounted OT light, mobile LED OT light, OT light six reflector, mobile OT lights, ceiling mounted OT lights, OT light halogen bulb-based lights, LED OT Light and much more. These are perfect for superior performance and suitable for all kinds of Surgeries. Our OT light suppliers in India also offer sterilizable handles installed in the middle of the dome for regulating the diameter of focus. Our Operation Theatre lights have adjustable light intensity and diffusers expand the light uniformly that gives an excellent shadow reduction by diminishing the infrared radiation. Hospital Product Directory Provides a list of OT light manufacturers, suppliers and dealers in India.

OT Light Price

We provide services in India, Mideast, UAE, Europe, Africa, Russia, China, and globally. Hospital Product Directory is assigned to advanced health care product directory with a worldwide presence meant entirely for the Medical business. in an exceedingly landscape dotted with many Hospital instrumentation makers and Medical device suppliers, it's vital for each care device provider to create his or her product stand out for a customer to choose it. The OT light price depends on the kind of Bulb and specification one wants. The OT Light price in India ranges between INR 20K to INR 5LK. The world's leading Hospital product directory offers you the chance to be seen by the highest decision-makers at hospitals, nursing homes, or medical centers who area unit trying to find OT Light. thus whether or not you're a manufacturer, provider or dealer the opportune time has return for you to register on a medical product directory which will assist you market your product to a wider audience Worldwide.

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FAQs about OT Light

All surgical lights meet certain following technical requirements

  • Color rendition,

  • color temperature

  • illuminance,

  • Back-Up Compatibility

  • Size of Light Field

OT Light price is directly related to the type, specification, and features of the operation theatre light, and it also depends on the brand you want to buy. Normally, OT Light price ranges between INR 20K to INR 5 Lakh in India.