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Surgical Instrument Dealers, Suppliers and Manufacturers In India

Surgical instruments are the most important tools for every doctor. Different types of surgical instruments help in performing different functions during a surgical operation like artery forceps used to compress an artery to stem bleeding, needle holder used to hold a suturing needle, scalpels used for making skin incisions and many more.

Type of Surgical Instruments

There are various types of surgical equipment available on hospitalproductdirectory.com. Here we are listing some surgery instruments which usually used while operation and any other surgical examination-

1. Artery Forceps
2. Needle Holder
3. Scalpels
4. Dialator & Curette
5. Surgical Blade
6. Surgical Scissors
7 Surgical Trays
8. Speculum
9. Retractors
10. Surgical Saw
11. Surgical Rongeur
12. Bed Pan
13. Urine Pot

A surgical instrument is a tool for performing specific actions or carrying out desired effects during surgery.

These are commonly used as a surgical instrument in a hospital

  • Scissors Used for cutting tissue, suture, or for dissection.

  •  Forceps are Also, known as non-locking forceps, grasping forceps, thumb forceps, or pick-up.

  • Clamps Also, called locking forceps, are ratcheted surgical instruments used to hold tissue or objects or provide hemostasis.

  • Crile Hemostat: Forceps and most commonly used for clamping blood vessels or tissue before cauterization or ligation.

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