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Urology Laser Suppliers And Dealers In India

The laser is an excellent surgical instrument widely used in surgical oncology. In urology, the Thulium lasers can be used for the excision of tumors of the urethra, bladder, ureter, and kidneys. The use of wavelengths, that are transmitted through fiber optics, allows the work to be performed easily by an endoscope. As a medical tool, the Urology Laser is accomplished for three rudimentary purposes.

When absorbed on a point it can seal intensely as it scratches, plummeting the surgical shock instigated by a blade. It can evaporate the exterior of a tissue. Or, over ocular threads, it can authorize a doctor to understand inside the body. The Urology Laser light ray does not stance fitness dangers to the patient or the therapeutic team. Because the laser ray is so minor and exact that it permits the healthcare providers to securely treat the flesh without hurting the nearby area. The Lasers used in the arena of Urology are Holmium, Thulium, and KTP Lasers.

What are Lasers Used for in Urology?

Currently, the most commonly used lasers in urology are

  • Nd: YAG laser

  • lithium tri borate (LBO) laser

  • KTP: YAG (Potassium titanyl phosphate),

  • LBO: YAG (lithium borate)

  • diode lasers

  • Holmium (Ho): YAG lasers

  • Thulium (Tm): YAG lasers

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