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X-Ray Viewer Manufacturers, Suppliers & Dealers In India

X-Ray Viewer is an expedient that is made of illuminations positioned after a tanned monitor and used to transport backlighting for a radiographic mirror image. It aids clinicians to see the light, differences, and facts of a copy. These plans that X-Ray Viewer suppliers supply are also recognized as an illuminator. These units are snug on walls of x-ray sections, doctor’s cabins, wards, and operating theatres and are expended to envisage processed X-ray films. Envisioned to pronounce X-rays; it is categorized as a radiology addon. A device made of lights placed behind a translucent screen and used to provide backlighting for a radiographic image. It helps clinicians see the brightness, contrast, and details of an image. Also known as an illuminator.

What is an x-ray viewer?

X-Ray viewer is a device for detecting the outcomes of X-Ray films using ray lighting. It aims to get stronger interpretations of X-Ray films by radiographers and doctors. X-Ray viewers made by X-Ray Viewer Manufacturers in hospitals usually cannot be carried anyplace because they use fluorescent lamps as a basis of radioactivity and use 220 Volt AC voltage unswervingly. So that its use is less operative and competent because it must be associated directly with a 220 Volt AC power basis and needs large power. X-Ray viewer that embraces noticeable light lamps enclosed by a translucent surface suitable for observation of medical radiographs. X-Ray viewers are obtainable for a solitary radiograph opinion or as a numerous set (i.e., a panel) that facilitates the concurrent observation of numerous radiographs.

What are the uses of X-Ray Viewer?

Most such machines are found in hospital radiology sections. Though, they are progressively present in the workplaces of specialists and even general practitioners. Intended to read X-rays the X-Ray viewer supplied by X-Ray viewer Suppliers; is cataloged as a radiology accessory. 3 vital features must be checked to ensure the excellence of a Negatoscope X-ray wall-mounted film viewer:

1) Tinted temperature tubes: at least 3600 to 4000 Kelvin, "daylight" fluorescent tubes.

2) Similarity of the floodlit surface: safeguard that all zones are sufficiently floodlit. The maximum endured nonconformity between the center and the angles is a modified of 30% (i.e., 8cm from the edges of the floodlit surface).

3) Light power: The least luminance for a Negatoscope with an on/off change must be set better than 1700cd/m².

Physical dispensation: a drip salver is suggested on the lightbox. Scope differs somewhat dependent on the X-Ray viewer manufacturers.

Designed to read X-rays

3 essential characteristics must be checked to ensure the quality of a Negatoscope X-ray wall-mounted film viewer:
  • Colored Temperature Tubes: minimum 3600 to 4000 Kelvin, "daylight" fluorescent tubes.

  • Homogeneity of the illuminated Surface: ensure that all zones are adequately illuminated. The maximum tolerated deviation between the center and the corners are a variant of 30% (i.e., 8cm from the edges of the illuminated surface).

  • Light Power: The minimum luminance for a Negatoscope with an on/off switch must be set greater than 1700cd/m². Manual processing: a drip tray is recommended on the lightbox. Size varies slightly depending on the manufacturer.

What is the cost of an X-Ray Viewer?

The price of an X-Ray viewer bought from an X-Ray viewer Dealers can be contingent on facets like the buyer wants a single x-ray viewing facility or multiple viewing, wants a LED lit surface, or the size of the X-Ray viewer. The starting price of an X-Ray viewer is about Rs. 1300 for the most basic version and can go up to 31000.

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FAQs about X Ray Viewer

The price of an x-ray viewer is directly related to the specifications and features of the x-ray viewer box, as well as the type you wish to purchase. X-ray viewer boxes typically cost between INR 2k and INR 7K. We work with a variety of the best X-Ray Viewers, and you can order yours from HPD.

Radiology view box is an imaging technique that uses X-rays, gamma rays, or other ionizing and non-ionizing radiation to view an object's internal form. A beam of X-rays is produced by an X-ray generator and projected toward the object to create an image in conventional radiography.

X ray viewer price is directly related to the specification and features of the x ray box and it also depends on the brand you want to buy. Normally, X ray view box price ranges between INR 2k to INR 7K. We're dealing with lots of the best X Ray View BOXs; you can buy your LED X Ray view box online at Hospital Product Directory.com.

The answer is Hospital Product Directory.com, where you can get X Ray Viewer easily from the market at very affordable prices. We have a huge range of manufacturers, suppliers & Dealers in India.