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X-Ray Viewer is an expedient that is made of illuminations positioned after a tanned monitor and used to transport backlighting for a radiographic mirror image. It aids clinicians to see the light, difference, and facts of a copy. These plans that X-Ray Viewer suppliers supply are also recognized as an illuminator. These units are snug on walls of x-ray sections, doctor’s cabins, wards, and operating theatres and are expended to envisage processed X-ray films. Envisioned to pronounce X-rays; it is categorized as a radiology addon. A device made of lights placed behind a translucent screen and used to provide backlighting for a radiographic image. It helps clinicians see the brightness, contrast, and details of an image. Also known as an illuminator.

Designed to read X-rays; it is classified as a radiology accessory.  

3 essential characteristics must be checked to ensure the quality of a Negatoscope X-ray wall-mounted film viewer:

  • Coloured temperature tubes: minimum 3600 to 4000 Kelvin , "daylight" fluorescent tubes.
  •  Homogeneity of the illuminated surface: ensure that all zones are adequately illuminated. The maximum tolerated deviation between the center and the corners are a variant of 30% (i.e., 8cm from the edges of the illuminated surface).
  • Light power: The minimum luminance for a Negatoscope with an on/off switch must be set greater than 1700cd/m².  Manual processing: a drip tray is recommended on the lightbox. Size varies slightly depending on the manufacturer.

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