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The bag faucet masks are occasionally recognized by the branded name Ambu bag or generally as a physical resuscitator or "self-inflating basket", is a hand-held expedient Supplied by Ambu Bag suppliers and is usually used to provide optimistic pressure airing to patients who are not sentient or not living sufficiently. The expedient is an obligatory part of revival kits for skilled specialists in out-of-hospital locations (such as ambulance teams) and is also often used in infirmaries as part of normal gear found on a crash tumbril, in disaster rooms, or other critical care locations. These resuscitators are also used within the infirmary for the provisional airing of patients reliant on motorized respirators when the mechanical respirator desires to be inspected for conceivable breakdown or when ventilator-dependent patients are conveyed within the infirmary. Two main types of manual resuscitators occur; one form is self-filling with air, though added oxygen (O2) can be added but is not essential for the expedient to work. The other main kind of physical resuscitator (flow-inflation) is profoundly used in non-emergency submissions in the operating room to aerate patients during anesthesia stimulation and retrieval. Hospital Product Directory Provides a list of Ambu Bag suppliers in India.

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