Ambu Bag

  • GaleMed Corporation

  • Verified 308 Manufacture
  • No.87, Ligong 2nd Road, Wujie Town, Yilan 268, Taiwan
  • Year Of Establishment: 1986
  • Hospital Disposable
  • CPAP Nasal Oxygen Cannula
  • Laryngoscope
  • Ambu Bag
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About GaleMed Corporation

Established in 1986, GaleMed aims to create a sustainable learning and growth enterprise with the spirit of mutual win, innovation, satisfaction, and pursuit of excellence, which enables employees, customers, and suppliers to achieve win-win and common prosperity. GaleMed is specializing in R&D, production, and marketing of respiratory therapy products in emergency and respiratory therapy. The current products cover "respiratory tract management", "breathing", "oxygen treatment", “aerosol treatment", "humidifying treatment" and "sleep", "lung function training“. GaleMed aims to be the world's leading brand of respiratory therapy interfacing technology by providing a full range of interfacing technologies in the field of respiratory therapy to meet the needs of our customers. GaleMed ‘s products are positioned as the interface technology for respiratory therapy professionals, providing the interface products between users and machines, as well as the interface services between technology and humanity. Therefore, GaleMed focuses on the development, manufacturing, production, and marketing of respiratory interface products in the field of respiratory therapy, providing all kinds of interface products for first aid, care, treatment, and training between respiratory ventilation equipment and upper respiratory tract. GaleMed strives to make progress and aims to provide users with safe and reliable products. GaleMed has a number of products not only the first in the market, but also the with a unique value proposition. In 1995, GaleMed was the leading company to obtain ISO 9001, EN46001 and CE certification, in the respiratory accessory & component sector across the world, which was highly respected, and has achieved a solid foundation and position.

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