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Blood & Fluid Warmer Manufacturers, Suppliers & Dealers

Blood and Fluid Warmers transport normothermic liquid at repetitive movement proportions. The exclusive triple-lumen plumbing plan eradicates patient streak chilly down and transports whole-hearted liquids to your patients. Throwaway setup is informal and rapid and necessitates less preparing capacity than other tedious Blood and Fluid warmers made by Blood and Fluid Warmer manufacturers. These Blood and Fluid warmers keep blood and liquids hot, at 37 - 42°C, transporting hot liquids to the patient at stream rates up to 5000 ml/hr. Outdoes hotplate skills in 91% of medical actions. These warmers are informal to use: less time to set up and easy to disengage from the patient. Once-a-year tank upkeep protocol likened to hotplate heaters, which may necessitate upkeep up to 12 times per year, means subordinate upkeep costs.

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They use microwave technology or countercurrent heat exchange to rapidly warm fluid over the length of the fluid column. The device chosen is determined by the child's size, the expected rate of blood loss, and the cost.

The average cost of the Blood & Fluid Warmer is US$103.50-US$132.00 in the USA. Get the cost details from our suppliers & choose the best product from our trusted vendor on the Hospital Product directory.