Blood And Fluid Warmer

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  • Blood And Fluid Warmer
Product Overview


Model:                                    FT 1800
Temperature setting:                       33?C - 41?C
Power supply:                  a.c.100~240 V/50~60 Hz
Power consumption:                       Max. 120 VA
Type of protection against electric shock:         Class I
Degree of protection against electric shock: BF Applied part;                          
Degree of protection against ingress of liquids:      IP X 2
Temperature accuracy:                          ±1.0?C
Overheat protection:                       42?C/43?C
Low temperature alarm                         32?C
Warming up time:      From 20?C to 36?C approx. 2 min.
Operating mode:                          Continuous
Dimension (W*D*H):                 85×65×175 mm
Net Weight:                                  1.2 kg
Warming profile:     - length 1400 mm
- compatible IV tube 3.5-5.0 mm O.D.
* For other options of warming profile, please contact the supplier

High accurate, intelligent microcomputer controlled device for all medical departments:
Blood transfusion / infusion for the patients during operation or after operation
Routine blood transfusion and infusion in the clinical setting
Blood return feeds / dialysis fluids
Enteral/par enteral nutrition and rinsing solutions
Infusion to children and neonates
Normal infusion in cold condition
User friendly interface: Big LED screen showing set temp., actual temp., heating time and fault situation
Heating up to the patient: IV tube is completely wrapped in, no heat loss

Safety features:
Permanent running self-tests
Double independent over-heating protections and automatic cut off
Visual and acoustic alarm for high temperature / low temperature/sensor fault
Advanced dry heating technology: Quick warming up and effective heating
Open system: Accepts standard IV tube, no special disposables needed, economical warming solution without extra consumable costs

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About Keewell Medical Technology Co., Ltd.

Keewell Medical Technology Co. Ltd. was founded in February 2003. We have been constantly devoting ourselves in research & development, manufacture, implementation and advanced refining of series products of blood & infusion warmers for medical applications. Keewell is a dynamic company. Backed up by academic intellectuals of biomedical engineering & instrument science of Zhejiang University, it keeping pace with the most advanced innovations in this sector worldwide, leading the domestics market with its patented products. Keewell focuses on quality and ergonomic in use. Our products are intelligently designed, temperature precisely controlled, low cost and easy to use. The reliable quality is assured by our certificated ISO13485 Quality management system. The repairing rate has been always successfully controlled under 0.5 percent. Keewell targets on global market when entering in its second decade. Our overseas team is well equipped with professional knowledge and communication skills. We are ready to provide you comprehensive and tailor-made support.

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