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The bone concentration examination is an improved X-ray, and DEXA is typical for evaluating bone mineral density. The apparatus used to steer the examination is named a bone densitometer. X-rays are the primogenital technique for therapeutic imaging. Characteristically shown on the inferior backbone and hips, there are instances with offspring and grownups where the whole form is skimmed. You will also find outlying X-ray and ultrasound apparatuses that are used in combination with the examination to notice little bone form. Another technique of identifying low bone thickness is a CT examination with superior software, which is as precise as DXA perusing, but less usually obtainable and used. The key bone densitometer found with bone densitometer suppliers typically contains a fundamental expedient, and sporadically an added outlying device (pDXA). Both are denoted as DXA or DEXA apparatus. The fundamental expedient gages bone thickness in the hip and backbone and is typically recovered in an infirmary or therapeutic training location. It has a huge, level bench with an overhanging limb upstairs. For lesser bones like the wrist, heel, or digit, a marginal expedient is often adequate. It is much lesser, balancing only about 60 pounds, and is a moveable case that can lodge a bottom or hand. Less mutual are other moveable types of machinery that use ultrasound to image and assess bone density. The bone densitometer uses a reedy, imperceptible, low-dose X-ray shaft of light. Two vigor crests pierce the bones in the image method. One is for lax flesh captivation, and the other is for the mandible. The lax flesh captivation amount is deducted from the bone captivation amount, and the residual quantity is the patient’s bone thickness. The bone densitometer has singular software that mechanically examines the bone compactness measurements and shows the consequences on a computer screen.

How does a bone densitometer work?

The DXA (Densitometry) is a low-dose x-ray machine that measures bone density. It is used to detect osteoporosis and other conditions that can lead to significant bone loss. The results of this test can be used in determining the best treatment for you, whether it be diet and exercise, medication or hormone therapy.

What is bone densitometry test?

A bone density test determines if you have osteoporosis — a disorder characterized by bones that are more brittle and more likely to break. The test uses X-rays to measure how many grams of calcium and other bone minerals are packed into a segment of bone. This can help determine if high-risk individuals need treatment to reduce the risk of a fracture.

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