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ECG Patient Cable Manufacturers, Dealers &  ECG Patient Cable Suppliers In India

ECG Patient cables are designed for measuring ECG and impedance respiration in adult and pediatric patients. Integrated cable and lead wire sets have a unique grouping of lead wires that will help in untangling the cables easily and with quick application on the patient. The 12-lead ECG Patient cables record the heart's electrical activity as waveforms’ Patient cables provide a connection between patient-applied electrodes and various telemetry and bedside monitoring units allowing for non-invasive monitoring of electrical impulses generated by the heart over a period resulting in an electrocardiogram. We provide a list of Globally ECG Patient cable Manufacturers, ECG Patient cable Suppliers, and ECG Patient cable Dealers.

What is a patient cable?

ECG Patient cables are contracted cable systems that have the energetic job of connecting to the patient, and conveying the cardiac signal from the patient to various perceiving sorting means for both investigative and detecting purposes. The ECG Patient Cable completed by the ECG Patient cable Manufacturers with terminals are intended to evaluate the electrical activity of the heart function, used by skilled healthcare specialists in the healthcare setting. These ECG cables subscribed from ECG Patient cable dealers transport the sign delivered from the conductors and send it to the amp. These ECG Patient cables ascribe unwaveringly to the conductors; the sign is directed through them and connected to the amp.

What are the uses of ECG Patient Cable in Hospitals?

ECG patient cables are extensively used in hospitals and other medical centers for logging and examining patients' pulse rates. The main purpose of the ECG Patient Cable is to assess patients for likely cardiac ischemia. It supports EMS and hospital staff to rapidly recognize patients who have STEMI (ST-elevation myocardial infarction or in other terms, heart attack) and complete suitable medical interference based on initial interpretations.

What are the kinds of ECG Leads?

A couple of electrodes or a mixture of numerous electrodes through a resistance network that gives an equal pair is mentioned as a Lead.

There are 3 kinds of leads in archetypal ECG waveforms:

  • Unipolar /Increased leads (aVR, aVL,aVF)

  • Bipolar primes (Lead I, Lead II, Lead III)

  • Precordial / Torso Leads (C1,C2,C3,C4,C5,6)

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