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Pass Box Manufacturers, Suppliers & Dealers in India

Cleanrooms are dedicated regions that are intended in such a way that it has very low stages of particulate substance. These particulate objects may encompass powder, airborne viruses, or evaporated atoms. The cleanroom pass boxes made by Pass box manufacturers are used for conveying substances or apparatuses in and out of the cleanrooms. Separately from offering full defense, the pass boxes also ease with the conveyance of the goods.

The pass boxes are of two kinds- Still Pass Box and Lively Pass Box. The still pass boxes are fixed in the industrial parts and they sieve the inward air so that it remains unrestricted from contaminants like powder and other pollutants. It delivers an outstanding working presentation in the cleanroom component.

This Pass Box is particularly intended for the transmission of materials in measured environments. It is built with high-rank stainless steel. It has two entrances with an examination window and a motorized or automated admission management scheme. The pass box can be combined effortlessly into walls and can be provided by the Pass box Suppliers as an autonomous unit or as a component that attaches to current values. Still, Pass Box is connected to the partition between the spotless room and the other room. It is a four-sided section with two entrances – one unlocks in the spotless room and the other unlocks in the other room. The electro-magnetic meshing scheme permits the unlocking of anyone's entrance at a time. This averts the straight airflow between the spotless room to the other room. This also removes the obligation to unlock the entrance of the spotless room frequently for moving the material. Pass box aids in attaining the material transmission without conceding the level of hygiene in the spotless room. The lively pass box acts like a laminar movement unit. Spotless air arrives at the pass box and bars the pollutants to enter. It contains meshed entrances on both flanks and thus stops the machine setting from getting contaminated. The pass box mechanism contains a Re-circulated percolation scheme and is intended according to GMP rules.

What is the use of a pass box?

A pass box, which is also called a transfer hatch or SAS pass (sterile access system), works as a barrier between areas with different levels of cleanliness when materials do have to be moved. The equipment is used to transfer material from an area of lower cleanliness to an area of higher cleanliness, and vice versa.

What is the difference between static and dynamic pass box?

Static pass boxes are used to transfer materials between two rooms of equal cleanliness levels and are designed for minimal personnel movement while dynamic pass boxes are used to transfer materials from uncontrolled to controlled environments. Dynamic pass box works like an airlock or laminar air flow unit.

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