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Product Overview

STIMPOD NMS 450x - Nerve Stimulator-Mapper-Locator with Acceleromyography for Muscle relaxation monitoring (NMBA or TOF monitoring) during General Anesthesia & PNS (Nerve Mapper-Locator) during Regional Anaesthesia

STIMPOD NMS 450x with TRIAXIAL ACCELEROMYOGRAPHY is Ideal for Muscle Relaxant (NMBA) monitoring
- The Various modes guide, when to Intubate, Extubate, and confirm Patient Reversal,
- Also, assists, in identifying, end of Surgical Block OR during Drug top-up
- Provides Real-time, feedback of the strength of contraction (for TOF, DBS & PTC, modes)
- Accelerometry, detects fine movement differences, and offers a Major advantage over,
  gauging contraction strength, visually or tactilely
- The strength of each measured Contraction is displayed Graphically, including relevant Ratios
- The Triaxial accelerometry does not need Calibration, & reduces the Setup time of the procedure

STIMPOD NMS 450x is equipped with :
- Acceleromyography sensor to provide real-time feedback of the strength of contraction
- Proximity indicator to precisely identify the location of nerves
- Real-Time Graphical display of each measured contraction, with relevant ratios
- All modes' availability - TOF, DBS, PTC, TET, etc.
- Transcutaneous mapping of Nerve with mapper probe
- Facility to pre-program 20 different Current and Pulse width settings
- Shows charge transfer waveform to indicate excessive impedance in the circuit/skin, electrode condition
- Auto-detection of cables to change the mode from nerve mapping to nerve location

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About Medtech Devices

MedTech Devices, is a technology driven company, specializing in offering Medical Devices and Solutions in the fields of ColoProctology and Anaesthesia. Specifically for – Coloproctology : Observation, Diagnosis, Monitoring & Treatment of Anorectal disorders including Haemorrhoids, Fissures, Fistulas, Fecal Incontinence and Biofeedback Therapy. Anaesthesia : (Regional Anesthesia) Nerve Blocks using the Nerve Mapping & Location, technique. (General Anesthesia) Neuro Muscular Transmission Monitoring (TOF) using, Acceleromyography (AMG) and Electromyography (EMG). Pain Management : Non Invasive, Pulsed RF using the Neuromodulation technique for Chronic Pain Relief, All Neuropathic Pain, and Diabetic Neuropathies. We, at Medtech, are continuously seeking to identify and explore newer opportunities, as they emerge.

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