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  • Arthroscope Set
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Product Overview

Arthroscopy ACL PCL Instrument Set

1 Main Jig ACL
1 ACL Elbow Aimer
1 PCL femoral Aimer
1 PCL Tibia Aimer
1 Angle Bullete
1 Graft Passing 2.4mm Drill bit
1 Graft Passing pin
1 Cannulated Tibia Reamer, Dia 6.0 mm, 7.0 mm, 8.0 mm, 9.0 mm, 10.0 mm & 11.0 mm
1 Cannulated femoral flwertip reamer, Dia 6.0 mm, 7.0 mm, 8.0 mm, 9.0 mm, 10.0 mm & 11.0 mm
1 Cannulated Endoscopic Reamer Dia 4.5 mm
1 Depth Gauge for ACL/PCL reconsruction
1 Femoral Aimer 5 mm & 7 mm
1 Tunnel Plug 7-8 mm
1 Tunnel Plug 8-9 mm
1 Tunnel Plug 9-10 mm
1 Tunnel Dilator 7 mm, 8 mm & 9 mm
1 T Handle for Tunnel Dilator
1 Cannulated Screw driver for biolock
1 Impactor for spiked Liegament Staple
1 Arthosopic Prob
1 Microfracture Awl, 30 Degree, 45 Degree & 90 Degree
1 Graft Prep Station
1 Graft Sizing Block
1 Tendor Stripper, Closed end, 6 mm & 7 mm
1 Straight Rasp
1 Convex Rasp
1 Femoral PCl Elevator
1 Graphical Case (Tray)

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