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About PROMA REHA, s.r.o.

PROMA REHA is a traditional manufacturer of medical and nursing beds. The company, with an annual turnover of hundreds of millions of crowns, is reaping success all over the world. The family business, which is a major employer in a remote region near the Czech-Polish border, exports to many countries. The family company supplies products worldwide. E.g. to Scandinavia, Eastern Europe (especially Russia), North Africa and the Middle East. Behind this success is hard work, quality products and professional service. Nevertheless, the priority for the family society is the domestic market, in which it has been operating since 1990. During that time, PROMA REHA, which was the first in post-communist countries to produce fully electrically adjustable beds, has gone through an economic crisis and other pitfalls. But the Jakubský family never gave up. In addition, the owners tried to keep moving the company forward. In recent years, it has dynamically grown into a stable, strong and technically and professionally advanced company. Thanks to this, today their products are among the world's best. From the very beginning, he tries to keep up with the times. At present, almost 10% of employees work in research and development. Innovation and the development of technological innovations that provide comfort to both patients and medical staff are, in short, always green in the company. That is why the company invests in technology, equipment, but also in its development. That is why the team of developers tries to work, among other things, on special applications for clients, but also on designing effective communication tools with them. The company is based on relationships with clients, both existing and new. It invests in modern communication technologies and is looking for a way to them despite a global pandemic. The main reason is the much-needed feedback, which is important for society. The goal is also to involve clients in the development of new products, which should be drawn exactly according to their ideas. Our customer, our master!

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