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Boekel Scientific is one of the world's leading designers, manufacturers, and suppliers of medical equipment and research laboratory products. Our market-leading laboratory equipment and supplies portfolio is renowned for its quality, reliability, and durability. It's common for Boekel Scientific lab equipment products to have longer service lives than similar items manufactured by others. We never waver in our commitment to quality manufacturing in the United States with a team that's second to none. We're also one of only a handful of companies worldwide operating for more than 150 years in an industry we helped to invent. Everyone at Boekel Scientific takes pride in our history and our clients' life-saving and life-improving work. We know that all challenges facing the world today, ranging from human health needs to climate and the environment, will only be solved by the scientific advances our lab equipment supports. We keenly understand its importance and work hard every day to measure up. We are Laboratory Equipment Pioneers and Innovators Since 1868 No matter how well our products function today, we're continually talking to clients and looking for ways to improve them. It goes for everything we make – laboratory incubators, platelet storage systems, plasma thawing equipment, blood collection devices, laboratory rotators, water baths, tissue flotation baths, dry bath heaters and incubators, UV crosslinkers, and hybridizer ovens – and each one meets or exceeds rigorous performance standards. Our ability to design and manufacture custom items for unique laboratory needs is also well-known throughout the medical and scientific communities. At Boekel Scientific, there is no greater excitement than on the day we launch a new product that we have designed to support our clients in their work better. Our people are the ones who make Boekel Scientific unique. In an era where people tend to move from company to company, it's different with us. Many of our employees have been with us for 10 to 20 years or more. Their experience and understanding of the needs of the research and medical laboratory communities we serve are unmatched. It's why we're able to respond more quickly, arrive at a solution on budget, and bring our manufacturing to scale with impeccable quality in less time than others.

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