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  • Holtex - Spengler Holtex Group 30 Rue Jean de Guiramand 13290 Aix-en-Provence, France
  • Year Of Establishment: 2019
  • BP Instrument
  • Nibp Cuff
  • Stethoscope
  • Echo Colour Doppler
Product Overview

The Lian Classic is a must-have for double tubing enthusiasts, as Spengler quality always guarantees a combination of performance and comfort.

Its metal case conceals a high-precision “watchmaking” mechanism. The large volume of the pear enables fast filling, the double tubing allowing linear pressure increase. The interchangeable cuffs guarantee reliable measurement. A real Spengler!

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About Groupe Spengler Holtex

As the inventor of the sphygmomanometer and a French manufacturer of precision devices designed for medical diagnosis, our mission is to design the instruments of the future. Our aim is to combine design, comfort, precision and performance, to satisfy the daily needs of healthcare professionals and enhance your relationship with the patient.

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