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About HEYER Medical AG

In Bad Ems, the hometown of heyer medical AG, the world-famous health resort, people knew hundreds of years ago about the healing effects of mineral-rich water vapors for respiratory problems of all kinds. Tsars, emperors, ministers and writers once came here to relax in the thermal springs . And this is where the worldwide spread of inhalation technology began, with the heyer company heavily involved. From 1883, the mechanic Carl Heyer developed devices that no longer made it necessary to go to a thermal spring to inhale healing vapors. Over the years, the devices became more and more compact and, thanks to industrial production, cheaper and cheaper, so that they could soon be shipped to doctors and clinics all over the world. It also became possible to atomize medication in order to treat respiratory diseases in a targeted manner locally - this gave the spread of inhalation technology a further boost.

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