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About Ultragel Hungary 2000 Ltd

Ultragel is an interesting story… In 1996, I came up with the idea of ??procuring ultrasound gel for a medical technology company in our family (Medkom) not from abroad, but from a company I founded in Hungary. Our adventurous “business” journey began after the company was founded, which I believe continues to this day on a path I could not have dreamed of otherwise! The first year was a year of experimentation, where with the help of my professor of chemistry we tried to find the excellent quality that was better than the ones used until then. This experiment continues to this day, every day a tiny novelty, a moment that flies forward, as if we were always blowing one on the quill. The plumage has finally surpassed all our ideas so far: growing up after many tumultuous years, we have now grown into 52 countries, expanded our manufacturing product range, built a commercial base with nearly 8,000 medical products in the domestic market, and the story is not over yet… The basic product range anno was the production of ultrasound and ECG gels. Two products in three types of packaging. Today, we have 18 products in countless packaging, tailored to the needs of our partners. For the most part, custom-labeled products still account for the largest production volume (contract manufacturing / OEM), but Ultragel’s “brand” is starting to become increasingly important internationally. This mini-company may have encountered the strangeness that it did not establish its reputation primarily at home and then began to operate abroad, but mainly began to prevail more strongly in the domestic target market by “socializing” the wolf laws of the international market. We gained experience in setting up a company in Egypt and Cambodia , and then set up and supervised factories. Our partners range from Saudi Arabia through the European Union to Japan, with many, many personal and human connections behind us, where international exhibitions provide an excellent opportunity to meet our friends and business partners. We have participated in exhibitions in Russia, Singapore, Brazil, the Americas, the United Arab Emirates and, perhaps most often, in Germany, usually on a stand-alone basis. A total of 30 people work in our team, 15 of them in our nearly 2,000 m 2 plant in Csepel, and the rest provide uninterrupted service from our downtown office in the commercial and background line.

  • Number Of Employee: 30
  • Legal Status: Private Limited
  • Nature Of Business: Manufacture
  • Verified

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