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Product Overview

  • MATE Real Time medical air purification system collects the contaminated ambient air and washes it through a series of Filters, an Electro Static Precipitator (ESP) and the loniser to provide 99.97 % Odourless Dust Free and Microbe Free Sterile Medical Air, thereby, appreciably reducing the CFU count in the closed environment. MATE Real time medical air purification system augments your efforts.
  • Your co staff and you are protected against cross Infection by maintaining low microbial levels throughout your presence in the closed O.T.
  • Reduced effect of Irritating Gases.
  • Reduced Carbon ( COx), Sulphur (SOx) and Nitrogen (NOx) levels
  • Enhanced Oxygen content in ambient air.
  • Your precious Equipments / Apparatus are protected from Fungus and Dust

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About Optisurgicare (India) Pvt Ltd

Optisurgicare (I) Pvt. Ltd. is an organization that works, directly and indirectly, in various spheres of Occupational Health and Safety through its offering targeted at Corporates, Government, Semi-Government & PSUs and Community Health. It has collaborated with some of the most well known manufacturers globally, and distributes their products, with the only objective of providing high quality products and even higher quality service standards. Optisurgicare not only caters to the primary and secondary health of the employees through its medical equipment but also provides end-to-end services for these equipment - from delivery to training and also after-sales support.

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