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Product Overview

Audiometry tests are carried out extensively to measure.

  • Hearing loss or any specific ear disorder/disease
  • Acoustic Reflex

Occupational Audiometry is branched out version, wherein audiometers specific to meet the requirement of employability criterion are used to periodically monitor :

  • The hearing ability/loss of the employees, particularly in high noise environment

  • Ability to recognize sound intensities, differentiate between speech and background noises.

  • Pre-Medical/Periodic Check-up of all employees

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About Optisurgicare (India) Pvt Ltd

Optisurgicare (I) Pvt. Ltd. is an organization that works, directly and indirectly, in various spheres of Occupational Health and Safety through its offering targeted at Corporates, Government, Semi-Government & PSUs and Community Health. It has collaborated with some of the most well known manufacturers globally, and distributes their products, with the only objective of providing high quality products and even higher quality service standards. Optisurgicare not only caters to the primary and secondary health of the employees through its medical equipment but also provides end-to-end services for these equipment - from delivery to training and also after-sales support.

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